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Not quite a thousand words…

Posted by Jeff on

While navigating Pop One Stop you may have noticed that there is a variety of product photography used throughout the various collections.  Every product photo on the page has been taken and edited by myself. 

There’s the plain desk surface with gray wall behind it:

There’s the ocean surface with clouds behind it:

There’s the plain desk with the menacing red background:

(sorry, he’s sold out… for now)

And then there’s the newest, which has the product floating in a white background with our logo in the upper right corner:

I’ve gone through different schools of thought while trying to best illustrate the products we offer.  Initially I thought putting fun backgrounds might entice viewers to click on the listings (remember, this all started with eBay) because they stood out from the rest.  This was the reason for going from the plain background to having the product floating on the ocean’s surface.  However, as I photographed more products, I realized that one can really miss the emphasis of the product itself when there is too much going on around it in the picture.  So, I bought a basic photo studio from Amazon and started using that for the shoots:

I think the newest product photos are clean, uniform, and reflect our brand with the logo in the corner.    

Now onto something that bugs me, but you probably find funny… these smashed photos for some products! 

When designing the site, the template I used from Shopify makes no attempt at keeping the product grids uniform, so when I opted for 12 products per page, there would be some rows with four items, some with three, and some with just one depending upon the product photo.  To make matters even worse, the pictures didn't even align!  There would be two in a row with the product text lined up and then the third one would be taller with the product text in a completely different horizon than the previous two!  To get around that I made the first photo for every product the same size (in terms of pixels), but in resizing the photos you get some mega distortion, like the aforementioned smashed effect!  That’s something I’ll be looking to improve upon for future product photographs. I likely won't be updating the existing the product photos unless I don't have anything better to do, which is rarely the case!

So now you know a little behind the scenes info on Pop One Stop!  Don’t worry, I’m sure the ocean and blue sky will return for some photos but that’ll be for future issues! 

What do you think of this entry?  Is product photography something that interests you?  Has it ever "made the sale" for you?  If so, what sites have great photos that really inspire you to look deeper into their products?  Leave some comments below!

To be continued…



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