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NECA - Creepshow - The Creep Collectible Action Figure


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Strange, Eerie, Terrifying - It's Creepshow - Tales of Suspense and Horror!

From NECA, it's the Creep, the "mascot" of the 1980s horror-film "Creepshow"!  

"Welcome boils and ghouls! As the purveyor of all that is gruesome and grotesque, I bid you welcome to Creepshow!  So sit right down and prepare to enter my world... where creeping creatures and nefarious neighbors inhabit our nightmares. Each new story delights in its insidious intent, and I won't stop until every hair is raising on end!"

Figure includes skull, lantern, comic book & interchangeable hand.

What's the POO (Pop One Opinion)?

NECA rarely disappoints with their sculpts and this one is no exception!  This figure is just as grotesque as the "storyteller" in the movie, the clothing is tattered, and the accessories are spot on!  The only criticism is that the mouth of the figure is opened as if telling a story, but the illustration of the character on the package has its mouth closed.