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Ben 10 - Alien Projection Omnitrix

Playmates Toys

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From Cartoon Network's massively popular show Ben 10, it's the Alien Projection Omnitrix!  


This awesome wearable replica Omnitrix projects Aliens up to 3 feet away!  Includes three Alien discs:

  • Classic Aliens
  • Omni-Enhanced Aliens
  • Transforming Ben-to-Aliens

Ben's new Omnitrix may look like just a cool watch, but this device from another galaxy take his adventures to a whole new level!  That's because the Omnitrix has the power to transform him into 10 different Alien Heroes, each with their own special powers.  Ben dials in the Alien he needs to get the job done and slams down the Omnitrix to activate it.  Once Ben activates the Omnitrix - It's Hero Time!