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Ben 10 - Bashmouth Action Figure

Playmates Toys

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From Cartoon Network's massively popular show Ben 10, it's Bashmouth!  


Kevin's 11th alien, his secret weapon, is a hulking lycanthrope with armored plating, jaws strong enough to crack concrete, fists that morph into giant sledgehammers, and a temper that makes Rath look like a kitten!  When Kevin goes Bashmouth, he loses his temper and his reasoning all at once and endangers everything in his path...

After stopping the Innervasion, kid-hero Ben Tennyson takes his alien adventures worldwide! New rival Kevin 11 has built his own version of Ben's Omnitrix - the AntiTrix! Kevin keeps getting in Ben's way as Ben attempts to fight against the mysterious, armored Forever Knight, who's recruiting for an unknown agenda that looks to change the world... forever!