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Ben 10 - Omni-Kix Armor - Four Arms Action Figure

Playmates Toys

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From Cartoon Network's massively popular show Ben 10, it's Four Arms!  

In an attempt to one-up his rival Kevin 11, kid-hero Ben Tennyson returns to the place where he found the mysterious Omnitrix.  In the rubble, Ben discovers a previously missed "key" that fits into the body of the watch and kicks his alien heroes up to the next level with Omni-Kix Armor!  Look out bad guys... these armored aliens are ready for even bigger battles!

Four Arms is armed for battle with his massive Omni-Kix Armor! His powerful armor-clad boxing gloves deliver intense blows and when a villain is just out of reach. Four Arms can send his fists flying through the air... KABLAM! Bad guy down!