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Ben 10 - Omni-Kix Armor - Heatblast Action Figure

Playmates Toys

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From Cartoon Network's massively popular show Ben 10, it's Omni-Kix Armor Heatblast!

With his Omni-Kix Armor in place, Heatblast is too hot to handle! His awesome armor provides enhanced flame throwing capabilities and rocket propelled boots that give him the extra power he needs to blast through all kinds of danger!

In an attempt to one-up his rival Kevin 11, kid-hero Ben Tennyson returns to the place where he found the mysterious Omnitrix.  In the rubble, Ben discovers a previously missed "key" that fits into the body of the watch and kicks his alien heroes up to the next level with Omni-Kix Armor!  Look out bad guys... these armored aliens are ready for even bigger battles!

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