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Ben 10 - Out of the Omnitrix - Glitch Ben Action Figure

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From Cartoon Network's massively popular show Ben 10, it's Out of the Omnitrix Glitch Ben!  

A fusion of the techno-alien Upgrade and Ben Tennyson's own human DNA, Glitch is a mysterious, heroic presence that maintains the Omnitrix... from within!  Although a hybrid of Ben's signature voice and Upgrade's futuristic looks, Glitch is his own unique being with his own ideas, abilities, and agenda!

Figure comes with Hover Board accessory.

It's another Omnitrix glitch! Ben's alien transformations aren't coming out as planned, but that doesn't stop him from his usual alien antics!  Caught in a semi-transformed state, these aliens are straight out of the Omnitrix!  They possess the same firepower, but have a whole new look!