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Hot Wheels - Star Wars - Kylo Ren's Tie Silencer (Commemorative Series 8 of 9)


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With the culmination of the Star Wars nine-episode Skywalker Saga, Hot Wheels is bringing you a premium die-cast design of the most iconic Starship from each film. 

Each Starship comes with a die-cast piece to build the iconic mobile space station and superweapon - the Death Star!

Kylo Ren's Tie Silencer is from Episode 8, The Last Jedi!

Reminiscent in design of the Empire's Tie Interceptor and Darth Vader's Tie Advanced, Kylo Ren's Tie Silencer is an angular fighter equipped with laser cannons and missile launchers. Ren is an expert pilot - thanks to the skills passed down from his father -- which he puts to use in exploiting his ship's speed and ferocity.  There is no other First Order craft like the Tie Silencer, and it is an effective tool in Ren's mission to destroy the Resistance.

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