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Marvel Legends - The Amazing Spider-Man - Spider-Man Vintage 3.75" Action Figure


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Marvel Legends Series is back with a new lineup of 3.75" vintage action figures!  These throwback figures are stylized to their older comic book versions and each come with with comic-like cardboard backing.

Spider-Man - High above the ground, swinging through the streets, Spider-Man stops criminals tat seem impossible to beat!

What's the POO (Pop One Opinion)?

These figures are absolutely awesome!  We've always liked the Marvel Legends Series and really liked when they released the vintage-style 6" figures, but what we were really waiting for were these - actual figures like the kind so many of us grew up with!  The only potential criticism is that the figures only have four points of articulation - head, arms, and legs.  This limits the posing capabilities but the figures make up for it with their awesome looks!