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NECA - Alien vs Predator - Mad Predator


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From NECA, it's their collection of figures inspired by the classic 1994 arcade game "Alien vs Predator"!

Here is the "Mad Predator", a highly detailed Predator warrior that's highly articulated and detailed!  His appearance actually looks pixelated as it did in the retro game!

Figure comes with face hugger and chestburster!

Terror grips the city of San Drad as it is overwhelmed by a mysterious outbreak of Aliens.  The cybernetically-enhanced Major Dutch Schaefer and Lt. Linn Kurosawa of the USCMC are surrounded by a swarm of Xenomorph drones with a pair of unlikely allies - Predators - appear and offer a temporary alliance.  Now it's a battle to end them all as human and Predator join forces against unending waves of deadly Xenomorphs!