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NECA - Predator 2 - Ultimate Guardian Predator (30th Anniversary)


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From NECA, as part of the "Predator 2" 30th Anniversary Collection, it's the Ultimate Guardian Predator!  

This collectible comes with open and closed spears, open and closed throwing discs, gauntlet blaster, left arm cannon, removable proximity bomb, cannon blasts, and interchangeable head and hands!  

Guardian Predator - As the only member of the Lost Tribe to have served as a Temple Guard, Guardian's skills are much more similar to a soldier than a hunter.  After serving some time protecting the Clan Leader, he sought to apply his unique methods to trophy hunting. He was chosen by Greyback himself for his experience with high-powered artillery and explosives. Guardian is the very definition of "The Big Gun" among his fellow hunters, often using his array of ballistics to quickly create new paths or clear an area of potential threats. Because of these specialties, he was rarely tasked with taking out the primary targets - after all, in order to acquire a trophy, there needs to be something left. Limitations set on his role among the Lost Tribe would eventually cause Guardian to leave for solo missions. During that time, he would learn to master his devastating arsenal, seeking the most dangerous Xenomorph hunts in the universe. With his potential finally proven, Guardian's new path would earn him the coveted Yautja status of "Elite" hunter.