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NECA - Team Fortress 2 - Red Scout 7" Action Figure (with bonus code)


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From NECA, it's the Red Scout from the popular video game Team Fortress 2!  This highly detailed figure comes with a bonus code for the game, baseball bat, shoulder bag, and pistol!  


Real Name: Unknown

Birthplace: Boston, MA

Theater of Operations: Badlands, NM

Trained In: Makin' it look easy, pal.

The youngest of eight boys from the south side of Boston, the Scout learned early how to solve problems with his fists. With seven older brothers on his side, fights tended to end before the runt of the litter could maneuver into punching distance, so the Scout trained himself to run. He ran everywhere, all the time, until he could beat his pack of mad dog siblings to the fray.

What's the POO (Pop One Opinion)?

NECA's Team Fortress 2 figures have great likeness to the in-game characters and each come with really cool accessories!  We love them all!