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NECA - Toony Terrors - Beetlejuice Collectible Action Figure


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From NECA's Toony Terrors lineup, it's Betelgeuse from Tim Burton's Beetlejuice!  This cartoony version of the devious poltergeist is ready to annoy and "bio-exercise"!  

Bring the fun of Saturday morning cartoons to your horror collection with these adorable little creeps!  Pick your favorites or collect them all and make every Toony Terror time!

What's the POO (Pop One Opinion)?
This isn't our favorite of the Toony Terrors collection mostly due to the pose of the figure.  Its back is curved in an outward way that makes it very single dimensional for posing.  However, the spirit of the character itself is well-captured, and the cardboard backing of the desert-world is a pretty cool backdrop, so it's still worth getting if you're a fan!