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Shopkins - Real Littles - Mega Pack (Circus Animal Cookies)

Moose Toys

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From Shopkins, this "vending machine" is packed with Real Littles and Mini Packs!  There are 10 visible and 3 hidden!

Visible Shopkins include (along with their Mini Package):

  • Mother's Circus Animal Cookies
  • Boom Chick A Pop
  • Klondike Sandwiches
  • Nutrigrain Cheery Breakfast Bar
  • Eggo Thick & Fluffy Double Chocolate Waffle
  • Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard
  • Marie Callender's Cherry Crunch Pie
  • Breyers Black Raspberry Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Manwich Bold
  • Klondike Krunch