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Starlink - Battle for Atlas - Crusher/Shredder MK.2 Weapons Accessory


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Crusher creates gravity wells around its target, crushing it and pulling in nearby projectiles for extra damage.

Shredder Mk.2 continuously fires projectiles, detailing extra damage when an enemy weak point is hit. Star Link: battle for atlas Starter Pack required to play.

  • The Starlink: Battle for Atlas starter pack is required to play with Starship, Pilot and Weapons packs. All Starlink modular toys only work with Starlink: Battle for Atlas video game and controller mount on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.
  • Innovative modular toys allow you to build unique starships which can be customized on the fly for a new way to play as you adapt to overcome any challenge you encounter in this epic open world adventure.
  • Connect your modular toys to your controller mount and see them come to life in real time in the game!
  • Craft your own starship loadout from your arsenal of wings, hulls, weapons, and pilots. Adapt to any challenges you face in real time.