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Starlink - Battle for Atlas - Shockwave/Gauss Gun MK.2 Weapons Accessory


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Enhance your arsenal and adapt to overcome your enemies with the Shockwave and Gauss Gun MK.2 Weapons!

Shockwave - Initially designed as a non-lethal crowd dispersal device, the intensity of Shockwave's concussive blast wave became much too dangerous for use against anyone except those the user would like to see shattered into a million pieces.

Gauss Gun MK.2 - Outfitted with additional racks of electromagnetic coils, which are then enhanced with modified Kinetic stabilizers, the MK.2 is a significant improvement on the standard Gauss Gun in every way.

  • The Starlink: Battle for Atlas starter pack is required to play with Starship, Pilot and Weapons packs. All Starlink modular toys only work with Starlink: Battle for Atlas video game and controller mount on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.
  • Innovative modular toys allow you to build unique starships which can be customized on the fly for a new way to play as you adapt to overcome any challenge you encounter in this epic open world adventure.
  • Connect your modular toys to your controller mount and see them come to life in real time in the game!
  • Craft your own starship loadout from your arsenal of wings, hulls, weapons, and pilots. Adapt to any challenges you face in real time.