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Wild Hearts Crew - Jacy Masters Fashion Doll


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From the Wild Hearts Crew, it's Jacy Masters!  

"I like the word 'classic.' It kind of means something that's as cool today as it was when it was first made, no matter how long ago that happened to be. Things like classic cars, classic movies, or classic songs act like mini time machines that can, for a moment, take you out of your time and back to theirs. I like to describe my style as classic, only it's a moment I live in every day."

Join the Wild Hearts Crew - A sisterhood of girls following their wild hearts' desires. Each her own spitfire, her own brand of rebel; together - hand in hand - these teens are an unstoppable force for doing what they want, being who they are, and flipping their collars to anyone who tells them, "You can't!"

Please note - package has some wear (see pics).